Top List Of The Best Double Din Head Unit To Buy In 2017

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After years of using an old car stereo , you have finally decided to “breathe life” into your vehicle by investing in a double din head unit. You’re very excited and can’t wait to rock your new stereo. The next question that naturally comes to mind is ;

“What is the best double din head unit 2017?”

Firstly , Congratulations on your decision to finally purchase an after market stereo. I remember back in 2015 when i made the decision to upgrade my 2005 Chevrolet Silverado to a double din. I was very excited  about this.

I read alot of articles on this topic and after due diligence , i settled for the Pioneer AVH-4100 NEX which was rated as the best double din head unit that year. I was very satisfied with my purchase and had no reason to regret my decision. My wife liked it too.

But this is 2017. Alot of things have changed and there are hundred new products on the market.

To save stress and help you make the right decision , i have compiled a list of the best double din head unit to buy in 2017. I hope this list helps you make the right choice.




After over 10 hours of researching car stereos , we found the PIONEER AVH 4200-NEX as the overall best for the money. The reasons are listed below :

 A huge favourite of many car owners

 Has an amazing sound quality

 Fits into almost all cars that support  double din head

 It supports Android Auto & Apple Car Play

 It comes with Mirror link that enables other users to engage the device

It features Dual Zone, an application that enables rear seat passengers to enjoy audio or video content on rear seat monitors.






If you have a low budget and you’re looking for the best double din head unit  , The Pioneer AVH-290BT should be top of your list of best budget double din head unit. Although it dosen’t support Android Auto & Apple Car Play , this din head unit provides entertainment at an affordable price

It features an adapter that permits you to connect the unit to steering controls.
It possesses a five-band graphic equalizer
 The double din unit supports all music media



Best Double Din Head Unit 2017 Reviews – Top 10 Products


To help you choose the best double din head unit , we used this three-step process

Step #1: Research what you should look for when buying a double din stereo in 2017

Step #2: Identify at least 20 popular and highly-rated models of various brands, prices and types.

Step #3: Narrow down the list to a maximum of 10 based on the criteria that are most important when selecting the best double din head unit

Based on our three-step process , here are the top 10 best double din head unit you should consider buying.

1. Pioneer AVH-4200NEX Stereo Review – Best For The Money  :





The AVH-4200 NEX is one of the best rated double din car stereo on the planet.


Those who want a high-performing car stereo with intuitive user interface and functionalities at a very reasonable price.


The AVH-4200 can be purchased online at | Check Price at


Introduced in 2016 , the Pioneer AVH-4200NEX is a high-end double din trusted by thousands of car owners. This product has been consistent on the list of best double din head unit and is one of the best selling aftermarket head unit

Although it was launched over a year ago , the 4200NEX is still a top choice in 2017 because it has a perfect balance of performance and price.

The AVH-4200 NEX comes with an illuminated 7-inch display which is a little bigger than most double din. The display comes with resistive technology , rather than capacitive screen hence touch response time may be slow at certain periods. The screen is vibrant and does okay outdoors and  if you need more brightness  , you can easily increase/decrease as you wish using the navigation buttons below the display.

The Pioneer AVH-4200 NEX supports Android Auto & Apple Carplay which allows you operate your  Android & iOS device without having to physically hold your phone. It also comes with a remote control  that enables passengers to make their own music selections, without distracting the driver.

Another brilliant feature of the Pioneer AVH-4200NEX is its ability to mirror screen. This means that the device lets you read text messages and view other images on its large screen as you drive. Bluetooth compatibility makes it possible for you to connect your phone for hands-free calling.

And for those that have a fetish for good sound propagation, the AVH-4200NEX can be connected to 4 amplifiers , giving you full sound experience as you journey.

The Pioneer AVH-4200 NEX is easy to install and can be done under 20 minutes. You can choose to install yourself or use a local service that specializes in car audio. If you decide to install yourself , you’ld need to purchase a double-DIN frame , which is basically a small face plate that blends the 4200 NEX with the opening on your car’s center dash.

If you’re serious about getting the best double din head unit for your vehicle then the  Pioneer AVH-4200NEX is a top choice to consider.

Benefits / Features :

  • The AVH comes with AppleCar Play
  • It has Android Auto
  • It is backed up with the power of SIRI eyes
  • It comes with Mirror link, that enables other users to engage the device
  • It has Aha Radio
  • It features Dual Zone, an application that enables rear seat passengers to enjoy audio or video content on rear seat monitors.


  • It comes with an extra large  seven-inch LCD Screen
  • It is packaged with a wireless remote
  • It is Sirius/XM compatible
  • It has a USB port for charging your devices
  • It is AUX  input DVD compatible
  • It can be adapted as a backup camera
  • Supports up to 4 amplifiers


  • Because of Capacitive technology , touch screen may respond slow sometimes.
  • The Bluetooth connection sometimes fails

UPDATE (JULY 2017) : Pioneer recently announced the Pioneer AVH-4201 NEX which is the successor to AVH-4200 NEX. However , upon proper analysis , we discovered there is no significant difference between them. Infact , they are the same thing , only that the new Pioneer AVH-4201 NEX comes with a backup camera.

So basically , The only difference between Pioneer AVH-4201 vs Pioneer AVH-4200 NEX is that the AVH-4201 ships with Pioneer ND-BC8 backup camera while the 4200 NEX dosen’t.

In simple terms :

Pioneer AVH-4201 NEX = Pioneer AVH-4200 + Pioneer ND-BC8 backup camera.

You can have a look at Pioneer AVH-4201 on






The Sony XAV-AX100 combined with quality speakers delivers sickening sound.


  • This the first and only car stereo from Sony. If you love the Sony brand , this is for you
  • The XAV-AX100 is for people with a fetish for good sound. This head unit combines well with the car speakers


You can purchase this double din unit online at | Check Amazon Price


If you’re not impressed with the Pioneer AVH 4200-NEX head unit then Sony XAV-AX100 should be your next consideration. This product was launched in 2016 and has climbed the ranks to become one of the best double din head unit that is really worth splashing the cash.

So , what makes this product different Pioneer AVH 4200-NEX?

The obvious difference between Sony XAV-AX100 and Pioneer AVH 4200-NEX is their screen size. AVH 4200-NEX is alot bigger with 7 inches , giving you a wider and clearer view. On the other hand , the Sony XAV-AX100 comes with a 6.4 inch display.

In terms of features , the Sony XAV-AX100 supports Android Auto and Apple Car Play , which is a big plus considering the amount of benefit they bring to the stereo.

With Android Auto & Apple Car Play , you will be able to go “Hands-free” by seamlessly connecting your mobile device to the stereo and operate with your voice or  hands.

Just like other aftermarket head unit , the XAV-AX100 supports rear camera which is extremely useful when reversing or trying to park your car. Another interesting feature is the rotary dial for distraction-free control which gives you easy access to helpful functions on the road. This best double din head unit supports up to 4 amplifiers with a power rating of 55 W each. It combines well with the speakers to produce amazing sound.


Benefits : 

  • Voice control with Apple Car Play and Android Auto
  • Control and view everything with the 6.4″ touch screen
  • Get powerful sound with the 4 x 55 W Dynamic Reality Amp
  • Create virtual speakers on your dashboard with the Dynamic Stage Organizer
  • Ergonomic rotary dial for distraction-free operation

Specifications :

  • Size : 6.4′ inches
  • Dimension : 9.01 inches, 8.7 inches, 8.54 inches
  • Weight : 2.4 pounds
  • Amplifiers : 4 x 55 W Dynamic Reality Amp
  • Android Auto : Yes
  • Apple Car Play : Yes


  • Support for Android Auto & Apple Car Play is an advantage
  • The volume knob and physical buttons work well
  • Amazing sound when combined with speakers
  • This din head supports up to 4 amplifiers
  • Screen is bright outdoors


  • It dosen’t have an HDMI port




Third on the list is the Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX , a 7′ inch navigation receiver with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. This stereo is a great addition to pioneer’s portfolio of aftermarket stereo which consists of some of the best double din head unit.  The AVIC-8200 NEX is very similar to the AVH-4200 NEX in terms on size and functionality.  It features a 7 inch capacitive touch screen in an in-dash navigation system. The display supports Multi-touch gestures like pinch to zoom , simple swipe and scroll controls. 

The AVIC-8200NEX brings the experience of Android and iOs to your vehicle through Android Auto and Apple Carplay. They work seamlessly but some users have reported they sometimes experience lag after connecting their Android / iOs device. This head unit has 2 USB ports , bluetooth connectivity , and an HDMI port.

In the overall feedback we got , users were quite satisfied with the AVIC-8200NEX and the only issue cited was that Android Auto & Apple Carplay may sometimes experience lag. Although expensive , the AVIC-8200NEX is a top choice to consider especially for those who love to splash the cash.


  • Android Auto & Apple Carplay works fine
  • Display is very bright outdoors
  • Wide 7 inch display offers great visibility
  • Combines well with car speakers to deliver quality sound.


  • May sometimes lag during use of Android Auto / Apple Carplay
  • Quite expensive






This Kenwood DPX502BT is the latest model in the DPX Series and comes with advanced display and features for enjoyable music experience. As seen in most Kenwood stereos , the DPX502BT supports bluetooth receiver and also has an extra user interface for external USB Connection. This double din stereo comes with physical buttons as well as a remote controller for a more easy operation of the device.

The Kenwood DPX502BT has three main benefits.

Firstly, you can connect your phone to the device through Bluetooth, so you can engage music and make calls handsfree.

Secondly, the DPX also features sync ability which lets you control your music player from the stereo without having to reach for your phone.

Thirdly , it has an option for USB cable which could be very helpful for charging your phone on the move.

While the benefits are glowing  , there is one main drawback you need to know. This Double Din Stereo isn’t so bright and thus people with sight difficult may struggle to use on a bright , sunny day.

Specifications :

Product Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 3 inches

Item Weight: 4 pounds

Model Year : 2016

Benefits :

  • The New Kenwood DPX-502BT 2 DIN CD receiver comes with front USB and Aux inputs and Bluetooth
  • It comes with a Rotary Encoder and Direct Key (iPod) for easy accessibility/operation
  • It has a music Search & Mixed Preset memory function
  • It comes with a Digital Clock (12H) on the display face.

Pros :

  • It has an easy- to- use interface.
  • Stereo is easy to install.
  • It syncs with a good number of smartphones.
  • It comes with remote control.
  • It is Bluetooth compatible.
  • It plays all kinds of music files.
  • It is Sirius/XM  compatible.

Cons :

  • The illumination levels during the day leave room for more improvement.
  • Does not support Android Auto
  • Doesn’t support Apple Car Play








Pioneer is synonymous with the very best in the car audio/stereo system globally. The Pioneer AVH 290-BT is the successor to AVH 280-BT  and also one of the best double din head unit for people with low budget.

Take for instance the display screen of this head unit. At 6.2 inches, it is not the widest  available in the market today but still wide enough to offer good visibility. In addition, the screen has a higher index of sensitivity; hence, you just need the slightest of touches to access the array of onscreen buttons and functionalities. With the ample size of the screen, you can see every feature you need to gainfully engage with the head unit; from noting the time of the day to seeing the name of the radio station or song being played to adjusting common features like DVD Playback and volume control.

The resolution of the screen is such that you can view all the menu offerings with immense clarity. In keeping with the trends of the times, the Pioneer AVH 290-BT Double din unit connects with your phone via Bluetooth; hence you are able to select your favourite tunes from your phone and answer a call without being distracted.



  • Item Weight: 4.21 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 6.75 x 4 inches
  • Chassis Size: double-din
  • Pre amp Voltage: 2 volts
  • Display Type: Resistive Touchscreen interface
  • Display Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
  • Wireless Remote: Not present
  • Memory Card Slot: DVD
  • Media Playback Supported: MP1 files, MP2 files, MP3 files, MP4 files, WMA files, AAC files, WAV files, AVI files

What we like :

  • It has a large display
  • Comes with Bluetooth connectivity
  • It has a top-of-the-bill resistive touch screen.
  • It comes with a backup camera input.
  • Very easy to install
  • The double din unit supports all music media
  • It is compatible with the average DVD player
  • It possesses a five-band graphic equaliser
  • It features an adapter that permits you to connect the unit to steering controls.


What we didn’t like :

  • The settings of the display are somewhat limited in scope and functionality
  • At times, the backup camera posts unclear pictures.
  • Sometimes, the touch screen loses its sensitivity.
  • The radio at time does not function.
  • No support for Android Auto
  • No support for Apple Car Play
The Pioneer AVH 280-BT Double Din Unit enjoys customer reviews of 4.2 out of 5 stars based on performance and product satisfaction. This double din unit received special praise for the ease with which the one could access the control buttons on the LCD display.







The Jensen VX7022  is another  contender for the best double din head unit. Years of research and development has ensured that this double din unit delivers on so many levels, not in the least, in the quality of the sound produced.

The immediate catch with this double din unit is that you can effortlessly play almost any kind of music file; be they songs from your phone or music from a CD or some other audio file, the Jensen VX7022 gives you the freedom to enjoy the sounds on the move.

If you have a fetish for broad screens, then the 6.2-inch screen display of the JENSEN VX7022 will win you over. The size of the screen permits the greater visibility of the on-screen digital controls. It is also highly intuitive, such that anyone can easily operate this double din unit.

If you are a tech aficionado, then the presence of apps for a GPS/Navigation system will make your day, allowing the JENSEN VX7022 to show where you are at any point in time and where you are headed.

This double din unit also affords you the opportunity of syncing the device with your phone in a number of ways: through Bluetooth for both listening and hands-free calling, through the applications on the device as well as through the use of a USB cable. The Jensen VX7022 also comes with a Micro SD card slot.

Benefits of the JENSEN  VX7022 Double Din Unit

  • It comes with app connectivity for iPhone, Android, & Blackberry phones
  • It features Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones.
  • It gives high resolution with a 6.2-inch touch screen.
  • You have hands-free, phone book access and calls with the device.
  • It features built-in navigation.
  • You choose from 5 selectable UI colours and backgrounds.
  • It comes with many RGB colours for varied illumination.
  • HDMI/MHL connectivity for smartphones
  • The double din unit comes with controls for your steering wheel


What we like :

  • It has a large 6.2-inch screen display.
  • It is GPS/Navigation enabled.
  • Has a charge capacity of 2.3 amp
  • Compatible with both DVD and CD.

What we didn’t like :

  • You could be stuck with poor Radio reception
  • You may have to adjust the brightness level, especially at night
  • The navigation voice guide may lag behind, depending on the connectivity.
The JENSEN  VX7022 Double Din Unit enjoys a customer rating of 3.8 out of 5 Amazonian starts for product performance and satisfaction. The charge capacity of the device received high scores.







The BOSS AUDIO is one of the more illustrious versions of the double din units available in the market today. Also at just 8 kg, this double din unit is compact and will slot in easily into your dashboard or hang unobtrusively where it is positioned.

For starters, it comes with a 6.2 inch LCD Display that ensures you can readily access all the menus and features present on the device. The touch screen comes with a high sensitivity and allows you engage any menu with the slightest of touches. The BOSS ranks high on the compatibility index as you can play a plethora of file types from DVD, CD, MP3, SD, WMA amongst others. It also compatible with audio outputs from smartphones and MP3 players. If you so desire, you can control the BOSS Audio from your steering wheel.

Cutting edge Bluetooth technology permits you to stream music from applications like Pandora and Spotify while at the same time, you can make hands-free calls. The BOSS also features a rear-view camera, so you can conveniently reverse your vehicle in very tight spots. The presence of a pre-set equaliser means that you are able to change the style and feel of the sounds from the unit.


Benefits :

  • The unit comes with an 80 Watts x 4 Max Power rating, RDS Tuner as well as a preset built-in Equaliser.
  • It Plays DVD files/CD files/USB/SD, MP3 files, WMA files, FM/AM channels and supports Smart Phones.
  • It supports USB, Micro SD, Aux, AV, Rear Camera as well as Steering Wheel interface Inputs.
  • It can be controlled by Wireless Remote.
  • It supports Bluetooth Hands-Free & Bluetooth Audio Streaming – plays music and applications like Spotify/Pandora wirelessly.



Product Dimensions: 7.2” x 7” x 4”

Batteries: 1) 12V battery

Chassis Size:    Double-DIN

Display Type:    Digital LCD Display

Display Resolution:    800 x 480 pixels

Expansion:    Inbuilt Bluetooth

Memory Card Slot:  for playing CD files, DVD files, SD Card, Micro SD cards

Height (inches): 8”

Width (inches): 11”


What we like :

  • The touch screen is responsive and comfortable to use
  • Steering wheel controls is a good alternative
  • The USB port works perfectly
  • The AM/FM tuner works well
  • The rear view capability is functional
  • The microphone quality is clear and audible

What we didn’t like :

  • The DVD does not play back DTS
  • At times, the Bluetooth function may lag
  • The screen may sometimes be affected by very cold weather
  • No Android Auto
  • No Apple Car Play


The BOSS AUDIO BV 9364B Double-Din enjoys a customer review of 3.4 out of 5  stars for performance and product satisfaction. The efficacy of the touch screen is the main reference point for the BOOS Audio.








The Pioneer AppRadio 4 SPH-DA120 is one of the most versatile of the brands of double din units available in the market today. For starters, it is built to let you enjoy compatibility and syncing to your smartphone and other smart devices. So whether you have an Apple or Android phone, the Pioneer App Radio will serve you in good stead.

It features a large 6.2-inch display screen, with a touch sensitivity that is rivalled by only a few other brands in its class. Furthermore, the screen resolution permits you picture-perfect clarity, so you can easily see and reach whatever controls/functions you need.

For Apple device users, the Pioneer AppRadio comes pre-loaded with  AppleCar Play, hence you can import from your iTunes account, saving you the stress of having to select songs from your phone directly.

This double din unit also allows you to connect to it via Bluetooth, which enables you to make hands-free calls and listen to music without the need for USB or using aux input.

For those of you that have a thing for directions and places, the Pioneer AppRadio 4 SPH-DA120 has a GPS/Navigation that is easy to use and helps you find your way and get needed directions.


Benefits of the  PioneerAppRadio 4SPH-DA120

  • It has a 6.2-Inch LCD display.
  • It comes complete with internal Bluetooth for hands-free calls
  • It is designed to fit into double-DIN dash openings.
  • It comes pre-loaded with Apple CarPlay (for Apple phones).


Specifications of the Pioneer AppRadio 4SPH-DA120

  • Product Dimension: 9.6” x 6.4” x 11.1”
  • Item Weight: 10 Kilogrammes
  • 6.2 inch touch screen display
  • Fits double-DIN (4-Inch-tall) dash openings

What we like :

  • It has  GPS/Navigation system functionality
  • Its Carplay integration is superb.
  • Its Bluetooth functionality is flawless.
  • The built-in antenna supports the GPS system well.
  • The audio options are superb.
  • The Bluetooth/CarPlay  microphone belts out quality sound

What we didn’t like :

  • The touch screen can be spotty sometimes
  • In some cases, the radio reception can be poor
  • At times, the apps on the device may not work properly.
  • The CarPlay is not wireless yet.


The Pioneer AppRadio 4 SPH-DA120 enjoys a customer rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars for product performance and satisfaction. The GPS Navigation system is the main attraction of this double din unit.








The KENWOOD DPX 300U delivers all latest research and development that has gone into the manufacture of today’s double din car stereo sets. First, it delivers the complete range of listening experiences and audio capabilities, even better than its contemporaries do. Its analogue features enhance its simplicity, hence you are not bogged down with mastering a wide range of input controls and menus.

In terms of sound, the KENWOOD delivers a top-notch sound quality that enhances your listening experience. The DPX technology that this double din unit is built on relies on wires to communicate with plugged in devices.


  • Power Output: 50 watts by 4 consoles
  • RMS: 22 watts x 4
  • It has built-In Bluetooth as well as Hands-Free calling system.


Product Dimensions: 6.1” by 7.2”  by 4.4”

Item Weight: 7 kg


What we like :

  • The KENWOOD  DPX can be upgraded.
  • It has a simple interface
  • It can muster very high functional power
  • The Bluetooth integration is seamless
  • The USD port can accommodate iPods and iPhones
  • It has a front mounted AUX input
  • It has superb sound quality


What we didn’t like :

  • It does not have any extra features
  • The device relies on analogue inputs








This is another quality product from the stable of the Pioneer family. The AVH P2400BT DVD AV Receiver is first amongst its class in terms of the value it brings to your music listening experience along with your journey.

For starters, it is compact in size, as it comes with a 5.8 inches LCD display, that has a ready-to- use navigation. The touch screen of this double din unit is responsive and accurate, hence you are better able to effortless engage with the device as you journey along. The AVH is also a winner with the inclusion of a remote control and batteries so that you co-passengers can easily control the unit with causing you any distractions. The AVH also gives you the ability to control its functions from the steering wheel.

This double din unit shows its versatility with the availability of a wide range of illumination, themes and background options as well as offering you good radio signal strength. USB inputs on the device permit you to play music from other smartphones while the presence of auxiliary inputs gives you options with listening to your iPod.


Product Dimensions: 12.5” x 11” x 9.5”

Item Weight: 5 kg


Benefits :

  • The AVH has a screen Display of 5.8 inches (480 X 240).
  • It is Bluetooth Compatible W/ A2DP.
  • It comes Navigation ready
  • It has CD/DVD/MP3/WMA Playback capabilities


What we like :

  • It has a good response time with its touch screen
  • It has good intuitive abilities
  • Excellent Bluetooth functionality
  • It has great Radio signal
  • It provides a broad range of illumination options, themes and backgrounds.
  • It has a great Equaliser system
  • Playing files off the USB connection works superbly
  • Steering wheel controls work seamlessly with the unit

What we didn’t like :

  • Making calls via Bluetooth is sometimes unclear.
  • Some features may not work smoothly while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Radio broadcast quality is sometimes suspect.
The  Pioneer AVH P2400BT DVD AV Receiver enjoys a customer rating of 4.0 out of 5 Amazonian stars for product performance and satisfaction. The unique lighting scheme of the AVH P2400BT received high praise.








Ouku has become synonymous with the latest cutting edge technology in the manufacture of double din car DVD/cd playing units. This double din unit features improvements such as  SD/USB ports, an FM transmitter, steering wheel control, an inbuilt Bluetooth system, a subwoofer as well as a touch screen. For those of you that take a liking to size, its 6.2 inch LCD display will definitely win you over. The screen resolution is also guaranteed to wow you: it is set at 800 by 480, with a display ratio of 16:9. With these numbers, you are able to view and access all the menu buttons and control features effortlessly.

Because Ouku understands that your needs may also include storing your favourite songs and tunes, this double din unit comes with a staggering 32 GB  of storage space, so you can back up your files as you wish.

Owners of Windows phones will be delighted to know that the Ouku supports their device with the presence of Windows  CE 6.0  Operating system. This double din unit comes with superb voice navigation and supports interaction in 6 languages. It navigation capabilities is boosted with the presence of the highly versatile  KUDOS 4GB GPS Navigation map card so that you can find your way around easily. The icing on the cake is your ability to use the inbuilt Bluetooth function to make calls without touching your phone.


Item ID: Memory space up to 32GB

Features:  It has SD/USB Support, Touch Screen, FM Transmitter module, Steering Wheel Control, 3D Interface features, iPod, GPS navigation system, internal Bluetooth

Display Ratio: 16:9 aspect  ratio

Screen Size: 6.2”

Screen Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels

The Languages supported include Dutch, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and English languages.

The Media Types supported  are : PDF files, PNG files, JPG files, DIVX console, RMVB app, DVD player, DVD, Mp4 player, JPEG files, WMA files, Mp3 files,VCD player, CD+R/RW player, CD-R/RW players, CD players, MPEG4 files, AVI files, DVD+R/RW players, DVD-R/RW players

Operating System:  It supports Windows CE 6.0

GPS Processor: ARM 11

GPS Card Slot: TF Card

Support Navigational Map:  Kudo app, PAPAGO app, Sygic app, IGO app

Voice Navigation: Present

Amplifier Max Output Power / Channel Qty:  45 Watts x 4


What we like :

  • The backup camera works excellently
  • The navigation system is second to none
  • The DVD/CD player works well
  • The Bluetooth connection is seamless
  • The buttons on the display unit are of a good size
  • The microphone quality is decent
  • You can search for addresses with phone numbers
  • The touch sensitivity of the LCD display is functional

What we didn’t like :

  • The radio signal sometimes gets jammed.
  • The unit does not slot in perfectly into the dashboard
  • The iPod interface can be improved upon.
The OUKU IN-DASH Double Din Car DVD Player enjoys a customer review of 3.2 out of 5 stars for performance and product satisfaction. The affordable price tickled the fancy of reviewers.








Last but by no means the least is PYLE PLDN74BT Double din head unit. This stereo combines  Bluetooth wireless music streaming and hands-free call answering capabilities at once. The inbuilt microphone enables you to take you calls hands-free. The large 7inch LCD display is an industry pace-setter and it allows you easily and effortlessly view the menu and feature buttons.

It pairs easily with all smartphones and works just as well with Bluetooth enabled devices. The touch screen is highly touched sensitive, hence you need just the slightest of touches to engage any feature on the menu of the LCD Display. The Pyle is a versatile dashboard entertainment system that gives you a sharp widescreen video quality.

Benefits :

  • It has inbuilt Bluetooth for wireless Audio Streaming and calls
  • It has multiple video and audio inputs
  • You can make/receive outgoing/incoming calls with the unit via Bluetooth
  • It has a backup camera video input connector
  • It comes with a High-resolution digital display with a user-friendly control interface.



Item Weight: 12 kg

Product Dimensions: 10” x 7.2” x 10”

Item model number: PLDN74BT

Chassis Size:  Double-din

Display Type: LCD

 Pros :

  • It comes at a great price for all the functionalities
  • Rear camera works superbly
  • The Bluetooth functionality works superbly
  • The microphone works superbly

Cons :

  • The operating manual needs to be updated
  • The LSD Display is not suited for use at night
  • The device seems to be finished cheaply (exterior)
  • The icons come across as being a bit too cartoonish.
The PYLE PLDN74BT 7-INCH Double-Din TFT  enjoys a customer review of 3.1 out of 5  Amazonian stars for performance and product satisfaction. The price was a major point of consideration.


Factors To Consider When Buying A Double Din Stereo

If you’re on the market for a stereo unit , here are 4 key things you should lookout for

  • Look out for the General Features
  • Look out for Audio Features
  • Look out for Compatibility
  • Controls




So what do you look out for when you hit the road, in a bid to purchase your ideal Double Din stereo ? The following quick tips will guide you:

Step 1:  Have a list of all the desired features you would like your ideal Double din head unit to have.

Step 2:  Draw up a list of the top 10 brands that have the features/functionalities that you want. This list should also include prices and models.

Step 3:  You can prune that list to the best of four or five, from which you can now make your final selection.



Your Double Din head unit is purposed to help you get the most from your car’s stereo system. It should also let you integrate the latest technological offerings in music streaming, app integration as well as GPS/Navigational capabilities via controls and buttons that are easy to reach and use.

Selecting any model of best Double Din head Unit will depend on a number of factors that include your taste and requirements, the availability of a number of features and capabilities, the compatibility index/score, the price as well as the brand name/manufacturer. Just as important is your vehicle’s model and configuration.

A Double Din unit should be able to help you enjoy your music/listening experiencing and still afford you the room to concentrate fully on your driving at the same time.


The video below shows how to install a double din head unit , and this article gives further explanation.



Hope you found our article on the best double din head unit very helpful



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Recommend the double din car stereo reviews

Can you please tell me the best double din head unit 2017?

What is the best double din head unit for me?

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