Single Din vs Double Din Car Stereo

Have a look at the difference between single din and double din car stereo and understand why getting a double din car stereo should be on your list.

Travelling a long distance could be very boring without any form of entertainment , and the situation is worse when you’re travelling alone. The introduction of car stereos is arguably one of the best innovations in car technology as it provides entertainment and multimedia options to the vehicle.

doubl din vs single din
Double-Din Stereo VS Single Din Stereo

Car Radio was introduced in the 1930s , but it wasn’t until the 1970’s that we began to see “aftermarket” stereos that were flexible , detachable and can be fixed to any car.

The core purpose of a Double Din stereo unit is to provide power to the speakers of the car.

However, improvements borne from research and development have seen the Double din set assume additional functions such as streaming music, managing your phone calls and address book, enabling the use of applications like Spotify and creating a user interface with navigation applications like Google Maps.

Single Din vs Double Din Car Stereo

Car stereos is classified into 2 :

  • Single Din stereo
  • Double Din stereo

The latter is noticeably larger than the former by approximately 2 inches.

The Double Din is , in truth, an international standard measurement for car stereo heads. Germany is credited with establishing two standard sizes for car stereo heads in the 1980s. The first car stereo head size was 180mm by 50 mm (7 inches wide and 2 inches long) and is known as the Single Din Stereo set as mentioned earlier.

The second standard size maintained its width at 7 inches but added an extra  2 inches to the length, to give the Double Din Head unit, which is the kind more popularly used today.

In simple terms , a double din head unit is twice the height of a single din head , but maintains the same width.

Height of Single din head unit X 2 = Double Din head unit.

What are the benefits of Upgrading to a Double Din Radio Set?

While most cars come with conventional stereo sets that can give you the most basic functions in terms of listening to and playing music, the upgrade in this technology has been equipped with the ability to offer you much more utility and satisfaction from your car stereo systems with the installation of requisite devices and equipment.

Upgraded head units, in this case, Double din stereo units, allows you to enjoy online streaming applications as well as listening to music from plug and play devices such as smart phones and SD memory cards. Double Din units also permit you to take your calls hands-free in order for you to remain focused on your driving.

If you’re interested in buying a double din head , have a look at our article on double din head unit reviews to help you make the right choice.